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A £2 cleaning hack is being hailed on social media for its ability to target stubborn built up limescale.

Many homes have toilet bowls that have fallen victim to limescale and for some people, it can be difficult to get the stains to budge despite their best efforts.

There are lots of different products on the market and so many of us have tried expensive descalers which have failed.

One avid cleaner took to Facebook to share her tip to get your toilet looking as good as new.

Posting about the method in the Extreme Budget DIY and Life Hacks Facebook group, the woman hailed the Domestos Zero Limescale toilet cleaner which removed her limescale in just half an hour.

The woman left the toiler cleaner on the stubborn areas of her loo and was clearly left pleased with the results.

She said: “Imagine my horror when we brought our first house in May, went to the toilet horrified to find layers of limescale.

“I have tried all sorts down the loo the last month or so and it hasn’t budged! Then today in Wilko saw the Domestos Zero Limescale on sale for £2. I wish I had found it sooner! That is just 30 minutes in the toilet and hardly any left!

“I am actually amazed! If anyone is in a hard water area and in a similar position to us, go get the Domestos! I am no longer embarrassed to let someone use my toilet!”

Agreeing with the method, one Facebook user said: “When we moved in ours was worse than yours. It was horrendous. To the point, I thought it was going to be a new toilet. Used this and I agree it’s magic in a bottle. Came up like a brand new toilet. Great stuff!”

Another added: “Yes, this is the best one for limescale removal, have used it plenty of times in different houses.”