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A man received a bizarre note through the post which accused him of eating his neighbour’s KFC dinner “with no remorse”.

Ian Dickman was at home when he received the letter on Wednesday and was surprised to read its content.

In the note, the apparently angry neighbour accused Ian of being a “greedy little gremlin” for taking his KFC and asked him to pay £36 for it, Lancs Live reports.

The meal had initially been taken to Ian’s address by mistake, but he said he never accepted the food and instead told the delivery driver where to go to bring it to the person who had ordered it.

Ian also said he can provide CCTV footage of the delivery driver leaving with the goods to prove that the KFC was not consumed by him.

The letter he received said: “I know you have just tucked into a succulent KFC which to belong to me. I ordered it to your address accidently (sic).

“I thought I had faith in humanity, but BOY WAS I WRONG!

“You took my KFC into your GOB with no remorse! Any decent person would of not of (sic) accepted it. But you are just a greedy little gremlin.

“Thank you for being a tight arse. P.S. You owe me £36.”

In response to the note, Ian took to social media to try to discover who had posted it.

He said: “To the person that has put this through my letter box, you should have had the decency to knock and find out the truth. We are not the idiot who ordered his/her takeaway and could not remember their own address.

“Yes they knocked but were clearly told it was not ours and the two took it away in a silver car.

“There is cctv across the street if you would like to add to your embarrassment we would be happy to get it. So we owe you nothing.”

The exchange has attracted attention on social media, with many people mocking the poster for not knowing his own address.

Others have been asking the question, “who spends £36 on KFC?”