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Purists hated Mayweather v Paul but traditional sports can learn from its success

Some food for thought. Last week, the Guardian’s report on the “special exhibition” between the Hall of Fame boxer Floyd Mayweather and the celebrity YouTuber Logan Paul, was the second

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Doctors warn of burns from asphalt as heat wave hits US West

Doctors who work in Arizona and Nevada burn centers are warning of injuries from contact with super-heated roadways and other surfaces as the first extreme heat wave of the year

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Ireland Inc bets big multinational footprint can see off tax overhaul

The parts of Ireland’s economy that rely on the continued success of its multinational jobs machine are betting the deep roots some of the world’s biggest companies have laid down

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Amazon becomes the latest to offer small devs a bigger piece of the revenue pie

Amazon has announced a new program designed to help small developers get their feet under them. It follows in the footsteps of companies like Epic, Apple and Google, which have

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Birthday girl has eyelid ripped off by chihuahua as she gets her lashes done

A birthday girl went to get her eyelashes done for her party – only for her entire eyelid to be torn off by the lash technician’s chihuahua. Kelsey Salmon had

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